ESE provides support for young people who need help with their school experience, this doesn’t necessarily need to be academic but often it relates to the way they learn and process information. We give them a personalised tool-kit which enables them to to be themselves, find their path and grow their potential in a safe, creative environment.

Our support aids communication, boosts confidence and promotes positive engagement with independent learning in a friendly, fun, empathetic and non-judgmental way.

Everyone learns and processes differently and can benefit from a helping hand to guide them through any barriers to learning and happiness.

  • Young People – helping young people find their route-map

  • Parents – Helping to achieve a positive school experience

  • Community – Connecting to a supportive, like-minded Community

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Listening to parents and carers and helping them to navigate the maze of school politics is another important part of our service. ESE has strong links with the education system in Edinburgh and has a current, working knowledge of the challenges both parents and school staff face in understanding and communicating with each other. ESE seeks to support and strengthen this relationship as this supports the young person.

  • Young People – Helping young people build their own tool kit for learning

  • Parents – Helping parents and carers to support their young person

  • Community – Building a strong community focused on inclusive support

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ESE uses strategies drawn from extensive and diverse experience in education, theatre, language, travel and sport to build confidence and independence in students. We have a tailored and holistic approach to learning and a fun and creative philosophy.

We are passionate about diversity and equality for all.

  • Young People – Helping young people build their own tool kit for learning

  • Parents – Helping parents to support their young person

  • Community – Gaining understanding of different approaches

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ESE hosts social gatherings, workshops and networking events for parents, carers and professionals enabling them to build relationships, seek advice, swap stories, strategies and support and make friends in an inclusive and inspiring environment.
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  • Young People – Build relationships and test skills in a safe and inclusive environment

  • Parents – Gain knowledge and understanding of different approaches

  • Community – Share mutual experiences with like minded people
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Chrissie Grant

I really enjoy working with young people. I am inspired by their ideas and points of view. I am humbled by their honesty, bravery, and resilience. I am passionate about helping them find their route-map in life and then enabling them to navigate it.

I’ve worked with children and young people for nearly a decade in both the public and private sectors. I’ve been a tutor, director, teacher of English as a Foreign Language, drama workshop leader, summer camp instructor, pupil support worker and more. I’ve taught, guided, mentored and supported just about everything from yoga to maths, from English to Scottish dance, from Greek myths to teenage brain development.

Over the last decade, I’ve lived in London and Italy teaching, acting and working with students of all ages before moving home to Scotland and settling in Edinburgh.

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